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What Valley Screen Printing Can Do
Valley Screen Printing is a garment printing specialist. We print a variety of clothing including t-shirts, sweatshirts, team jerseys, and sweatpants.

While we can handle projects of all sizes the question we get most often is, 'Do you print small jobs?' The answer is yes, but please be advised the price goes up significantly for smaller projects. We spend just as much time preparing and setting up to print 12 shirts as we would to print 1200 shirts, so we charge accordingly.

We like to have 10 days to complete your project. Summer is our busiest time, so from June-August our turnaround time can be up to 21 days.

If we can finish your project by your deadline we will take it.

Golden Valley, Minnesota



Phone calls will be answered or returned between 9-5 CST.

Also available by appointment.

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